26 Apr 2014

The Secret Life of Musical Comedians

From RNZ Music, 2:10 pm on 26 April 2014

Jarrod Baker, Sam Smith and Robbie Ellis
Jarrod Baker; Sam Smith and Robbie Ellis (Augmented Fourth).

Comedy is a tough gig, but musical comedy? Not only must you be funny, but should be musical too.

New Zealand has a long tradition of comedy in song, from Peter Cape's amusing portrayals of mid 20th century life in NZ, to Billy T James on the telly in the 80s, to John Clarke's Taihape farmer Fred Dagg, The Topp Twins, and of course more recently, The Flight Of the Conchords.

With Bret and Jermaine gainfully employed by Hollywood these days, music reporter Kirsten Johnstone wanted to find the next generation of musical comedians.

Hear stories from the stage from Jarrod Baker, Robbie Ellis, Becky Crouch, and Australian Kai Smythe, all performing in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2014.

Includes some adult themes.