21 Jun 2014


From RNZ Music, 2:30 pm on 21 June 2014

Remi courtesy of Niche ProductionsREMi, courtesy of Niche Productions.

Remi Kolawole, the Melbourne MC better known as REMi, is fairly new to the game- though that didn't stop him winning the biggest unsigned band competition in Australia, Triple J Unearthed, last year.

In this interview with Emma Smith, REMi talks about how he came to the rap game, the myriad of influences that inspire his long-ish time producers Sensible J and Dutch, and why it's time to speak up about racial discrimination in Australia.


Artist: REMi
Song:Nigerian Sunrise, Melbourne Sunset,Tyson, Ode To Ignorance
Composer: Remi
Album: Raw X Infinity
Label: House of Beige