1 Mar 2015

Out of Frame by Miranda Wilson

From the collecton New Shorts

Janet Frame invites a bunch of literary pals around for a ham sandwich – or does she?

Cast: Miranda Manasiadis, Carrie Green, Patrick Davies, Jason Whyte, Jessica Robinson, Jon Pheloung, Paul Waggott

Engineered by Phil Benge and produced by Prue Langbein

Drama Group
The cast of Out of Frame.

About Out of Frame

By Miranda Wilson

If you’re deeply interested in the origins of Out of Frame and you’ve got around $800.00 in your pocket and 12 weeks to kill, enrol in English 355 at the University of Auckland and you’ll get the gist. If you don’t care at all but are craving a compelling encounter with the works of F.E. Maning, Katherine Mansfield, Ursula Bethell, Allen Curnow, C.K. Stead and Janet Frame, courtesy of Associate Professor Alex Calder, enrol anyway – you won’t regret a cent. You may even find the need to prolong the encounter by writing something that attempts to evoke the peril and allure of a particular kind of uncertainty that reaches across decades to link the works of these writers. You may imagine characters that may or may not bear the slightest resemblance to the writers mentioned above converging in a bach somewhere, that may or may not exist, in the grip of a sense of the instability/fragility in the idea of home and place, seized with the anticipation of a sudden devastating and unwelcome rift or separation, in thrall to what Janet Fame calls in Living in the Maniototo, the “break in the surface of things”. Or you may not. Good luck.

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