29 Mar 2015

Red Devil 1917 by Colin Beardon

From the collecton New Shorts

Red Devil castKate is fond of her granddad, Brian, who is an old-style socialist stuck in the past. She wants to get him to use new technologies to look up some old friends.  He won't use them so she recruits her friend, Marco, to help. They decide that Marco will pretend to be a radical in order to gain Brian's confidence, but when the two men finally meet, Brian sees an opportunity to plan one last act of militancy.

Image: From left: Engineer Phil Benge and cast, Francesca Emms, John Bach and Hayden Weal.

About Colin Beardon

Colin BeardonColin was one of first people in New Zealand to use email. Born in England, he got a job at IBM in 1964 in the early days of computing. He worked in the UK, Australia and NZ, teaching at Waikato University in the 1980s before returning to the UK where he was appointed head of multimedia research at Brighton School of Art & Design in 1990. He worked on an EU project in Helsinki which looked at the impact of internet on theatre. He became particularly interested in the way theatre processes work. He and his wife retired to Waiheke where he became involved with Artworks Community Theatre which he chaired for 4 years. He’s also organised three Waiheke Playwrights Festivals. Instead of writing software he now writes plays, writing dramas and comedies that have political content or can be seen as a political metaphor. He’s also involved in environmental issues and is an advocate of Waiheke Island becoming a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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