Nights for Wednesday 28 January 2009

7 pm News & Weather

7:15 Feature Interview: Noblesse Oblige

David Savage Researcher, School of Economics & Finance, Queensland University of Technology

Sink or swim? This research explores who survives in a life and death situation - social norms versus genetic instinct.

7:30 On Screen

Movie news and reviews

8 pm News & Weather

8:15 Windows on the World:

International public radio documentaries

8:45 Offbeat

Fergus Barrowman, Jivester.

The needle drops on both local and overseas jazz releases.

8:59 Conundrum: Clue 5

9 pm News & Weather

9:06 The Drama Hour

The Sweet Smell of Cigarette Smoke, by Julie Parsons (RNZ)

8:59 Conundrum: Clue 6

10 pm News & Weather

10:17 Late Edition:

A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

11 pm News & Weather

11:06Jazz at Lincoln Center

Host Wynton Marsalis offers background, interviews and insights to accompany spirited performances from jazz greats.