5 Nov 2015

The Psychiatry of Carl Wernicke

From Nights, 7:08 pm on 5 November 2015
The Psychiatry of Carl Wernicke

The Psychiatry of Carl Wernicke Photo: Carl Wernicke

Editors Robert Miller and John Dennison on An Outline of Psychiatry in Clinical Lectures, their translation of a collection of lectures by Carl Wernicke, a German pioneer of neurology and psychiatry.

Wernicke was born in what is now German-speaking part of what is now Poland in the 19th century. His neurology work is pretty well known in the English-speaking world, and there is even a part of the brain called the Wernicke.

Miller and Dennison talk to Bryan Crump about why, over 100 years after his death, his thoughts on psychiatry still have meaning today.