22 Jul 2016

David Icke - professional conspiracy theorist

From Nights, 8:07 pm on 22 July 2016
David Icke

David Icke Photo: Supplied

It's fair to say our next guest is the world's best known professional conspiracy theorist. An English writer and public speaker, former footballer and sports broadcaster, David Icke has made his name since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist, calling himself a "full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world."

Read an edited excerpt of the interview below:

You believe we are living in a virtual reality. Explain that.

I’ve been saying this and writing this for a long time now. Like many of the themes in the earlier books, people who are seen by “the system”, if you like, as being credible, are now saying the same. Because it may seem extraordinary given some of the things that I talk about, but everything I have written and concluded has been evidence driven. It’s just that I’ve gone into areas that most people at that time didn’t go into and pursued the evidence. It’s clearer and clearer that we are living in the equivalent of an extremely advanced version of a computer game.

Max Tegmark, a mathematician/physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America is openly saying that the physics of our world are the same as the physics of a computer game. When you move your arm or you move your body, it is the same physics that a character in a computer games uses. As he points out, if you were in a computer game and it was so believable, everything around you seemed to be real, you wouldn’t (at least for a long time) question that you were in some sort of virtual reality. You would accept that it is real.

But what is happening now is that all of these cul-de-sacs that science has gone down in trying to answer these so-called mysteries of life, they can’t do it from their perspective of how things are.

They are being forced down these roads. Elon Musk came out recently and said the chances that we don’t live in a virtual reality universe in billions to one, because that is where the evidence is going.

I have been calling the human body for a long time a biological computer which processes information. DNA is the receiver transmitter of the information. A few months ago a mainstream scientist in an article I was reading described the computer as a biological computer this “madman” has been saying that for 15-20 years!

What the body is doing is, just like a desktop computer but of course in a much more advanced way, decoding information fields, just like a computer decodes the information in a Wi-Fi field, onto a reality onto the screen so we are decoding this… cosmic Wi-Fi, if you like, into a reality on our screen, which exists in the brain. It’s kind of sobering.

Again, this doesn’t get into the mainstream, therefore we see things in such a myopic way, but according to mainstream science the electro-magnetic spectrum is 0.005 per cent of what exists in the universe in mass matter energy. Visible light, which is the only frequency band that we can actually see in what we call “the world of the seen”, is a fraction of a 0.005 per cent. Even within the 0.005 per cent fraction that we call visible light, this planet compared with the perceived size of the universe is about a billionth of a pinhead. We are incredibly myopic literally in what we are decoding.

The reason why we only decode that very, very narrow band of visual reality called visible light, is because that is what the biological computer is designed to decode. Therefore if you put your desktop computer onto the internet, it has confines that it can decode. It can only decode the internet. It can’t decode beyond the internet, so the body is the same. It can’t decode beyond the virtual reality, therefore we think that this world is all there is.

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