28 Sep 2017

‘Joed Out’ by The Verlaines

From Nights, 7:29 pm on 28 September 2017

We're heading for the North End. The student quarter. Stopping to take in the University, the bell towers, those beautiful stone buildings, the Leith flowing by. Grame Downes of The Verlaines lectures in music here now. In his younger days he was a songwriter living in a house virtually on campus. He might very well have written this next song lounging on a busted couch in his house by the river. Graeme's songs are quite intense. He was a big fan of The Clean early on. And his songs had drive. This song is something else, complex, and open-hearted. It's a love song to a woman called Joe. (Part of Bryan Crump and Richard Langston's Dunedin: A Magical Musical Tour)