09:05 Competency of school boards

Phil Robinson, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Marlborough Boys College; David Kepes, Trustee; and Ray Newport, General Manager School Trustees Association.

09:20 Zimbabwe

Jenni Williams, founder of Women of Zimbabwe Arise, or WOZA, is one of the few support organisations still operating effectively within Zimabawe. Jenni Williams has been imprisoned many times by the Mugabe regime but still remains optimistic that her people will pull through.

09:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 Big Year interview series

Mahe Drysdale, triple world champion rower. His incredible battle to bronze in the Olympic Single Sculls final gripped the nation - he'd suffered a debilitating stomach virus, but still managed to claw his way to the finish line and win a medal.

10:30 Book Review with Catriona Ferguson

The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend
Published by Michael Joseph
ISBN 978 071815 4 905

10:45 Reading: Garibaldi Did Not Sleep Here by Paul Horan

(Episode 5 of 6)

11:05 Music Review with Marty Duda

Artist Of The Week is Harry Nilsson

1. Nineteen Forty-One (1941) 2:36 - Harry Nilsson taken from 1967
album "Pandemonium Shadow Show" (RCA)

2. You Can't Do That 2:16 - Harry Nilsson taken from 1967 album
"Pandemonium Shadow Show" (RCA)

3. Coconut 3:48 - Harry Nilsson taken from 1971 album "Nilsson
Schmilsson" (RCA)

4. Remember (Christmas) 4:07 - Harry Nilsson taken from 1972 album
"Son Of Schmilsson" (RCA)

11:30 Legal commentator Andrew Scott-Howman

Andrew takes a look back at some of the year's most significant legal issues.

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett

Australia (Huge Ackman, Nicole Kidman); Waltz with Bashir (Multi award winning Israeli animation).