09:05 Veteran investigative journalist Pat Booth has taken a strong stance on the Television dramatisation of the Mr Asia story.

Pat Booth wrote a series of revealing articles in the Auckland Star exposing the drug ring and then wrote a book, The Mr Asia File. He was awarded an OBE after his dogged investigations into both the Arthur Allan Thomas case and the Mr Asia drug ring inquiries. Pat Booth says to see the television series - Underbelly: The Mr Asia Story - is being touted as a true story about a small time New Zealand crim who went on to become the biggest crime lord in Australia sickens him.

In response to Pat Booth's criticism of Underbelly - The Mr Asia story, Roger Beaumont, TV3's Director of Marketing and Communications.

09:20 Death of parents

Basia Bonkowski, former music TV host in Australia in the 1980s (and on TV in NZ in the '90s) who is now an author. She has just written a book about the last days of her mother's life. It explores the dilemma and guilt middle-aged children face when dealing with the impending death of their parents - whether to allow them to die gracefully or to medically intervene.

Basia will be in NZ next week (18-19 March) to speak about her book.

09:45 US report from Richard Adams, Washington DC correspondent

10:05 Afghanistan

Najib Lafreie, Otago University political studies lecturer on his remarkable life story, and on one of the greatest geopolitical issues facing the world - security in his homeland. He was with the Muhajideen resistance against the Russians in Afghanistan in the eighties, and a Foreign Minister in the 1990s government there - before bringing his family to New Zealand with nothing.

10:25 Book Review with Anne Buchanan

Valley of Grace by Marion Halligan
Published by Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781741756944

10:45 Reading. Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor

Episode 12 of 15

The hostel where Noah was living has been demolished. Tilly has disappeared, and he moves into an apartment with Phillip.

11:05 Business with Rod Oram, business and economic commentator

11:30 Green economics

Brian Clegg, British science writer and author of Eco-Logic: The Truth and Lies of Green Economics.

11:45 Media with Denis Welch