09:05 New research says Wellington's major earthquake risk effectively halved

Russ Van Dissen, GNS Scientist who led a $3.5 million study of Wellington's earthquake risk; Fred Mecoy, WCC Emergency Preparedness Manager; and David Middleton, CEO Earthquake Commission.

09:30 APRA Silver scroll awards

James Milne aka Lawrence Arabia, co-wrote song Apple Pie bed, which won top prize at APRA Silver scroll awards.

09:40 "Dob in a Dope Grower" initiative in Northland

Detective Sergeant John Miller, head of Northland's organised crime unit on "Dob in a Dope Grower" initiative.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney

10:05 Russian adoption

At the age of 51 Wellington City Councillor Stephanie Cook acted on her lifelong dream of having children. After an early marriage that was short-lived, and suffering two miscarriages, a newspaper article about adoption from Russia sparked her interest, and she began the long process of adopting half-sisters Katya - aged 9 and Nadya - aged 4.

Three years later, a documentary about the Cook family's journey has been made and premieres in Wellington on Sunday.

Sisters From Siberia premieres this Sunday, September 20th at 4 pm at the Paramount on Courtenay Place in Wellington.

10:30 Book Review with Kate Blackhurst

Transition by Iain Banks
Published by Little, Brown

10:45 Reading. Landmarks - a short story by Julia Brannigan

An emigrant from the UK discovers she loves living in Auckland, a captivating blue and white city.

11:05 New Music with Sean McKenna

Artist: Richard Hawley
Album: Trueloves Gutter
Track: For Your Lover Give Some Time
Videos: Richard on how he started playing guitar
Richard singing with his mum at the Royal Albert Hall

Artist: Rodrigo y Gabriela
Album: 11:11
Track: Triveni
Video: Stairway to Heaven

Artist: Various
Album: Not Given Lightly - A Tribute To The Giant Golden Book Of New Zealand's Alternative Music Scene
Track: Not Given Lightly
Rather hilarious article Chris Knox wrote for the Listener about the song 'Not Given Lightly'
Friends of Chris Knox blog
Tall Dwarfs - Nothing's Going To Happen
Roger Shepherd interviews Chris Knox

11:30 Sport with Richard Boock

Richard discuses about Serena Williams' infamous on-court melt-down.

11:45 Week That Was with Radar and Elisabeth Easther