09:05 Simplifying the criminal justice system

Simon Power, Minister of Justice

09:30 Do emails promote mistrust in the workplace?

Kevin Rockmann, an Associate Professor at the School of Management at George Mason University in Washington DC.

09:45 UK correspondent Michael White

10:05 Christopher Marshall - music philanthropy

Christopher Marshall owns or parts owns rare instruments to top performers, hosts concerts at his home in Canterbury and is the driving force behind an annual chamber music series called "Christopher's Classics".

10:30 Book Review with Ralph McAllister

Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna
Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

10:45 Reading:Sensible Sinningby Bernard Brown

Bernard Brown's account of some of the classic characters he encountered, and the bizarre social, military and work-related exploits and incidents in which he was involved, during his long career in law. (Part 1 of 11)

11:05 New Technology with Nigel Horrocks

Read the full ruling of the Viacom vs Google case

See the book Nigel talked about re the death of the music industry

Apple's iphone problems - see tests done on the antenna

11:30 Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel Latta

The dos and don'ts of talking to teenagers.

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett

Today Graeme looks at Welcome, Me and Orson Welles, and Twilight: Eclipse.