09:05 NZ SAS troops' possible involvement with handing prisoners to Afghan secret police

Journalist Jon Stephenson who has spent several weeks working in Afghanistan.

09:20 Mounting casualties in the wine industry

Stuart Smith, Chair of industry body NZ Winegrowers; Tom Brodie, a Gisborne grapegrower, who is on the board of NZ Grapegrowers Council; and John Hoare, who sells vineyards through Bayleys and owns a vineyard on supplying grapes to Marlborough's Cloudy Bay Wines.

Hawke's Bay's Paritua Vineyards, along with Cape Campbell Wines, Gravitas Wines and Awatere Vineyard Estates, a large contract grower in Marlborough, have all gone into receivership this year. Other wineries are battling to stay afloat by cutting staff.

09:30 Miscarriages of justice

Professor Graham Zellick, former chairman of the world's first independent body to review miscarriages of justice, Britiain's Criminal Cases Review Commission. Professor Zellick has been brought to New Zealand by the NZ Law Foundation, and his first public lecture is tonight (Monday) at 5.30 pm at Wellington's Wellesley Club.

09:45 Russia correspondent Carsten von Nahmen

10:05 Chatham Islands - Patrick Smith, former Chathams Mayor

Patrick Smith retired earlier this year from the job of Chathams Mayor - he gives us a taste of island life, and why they need better support from central government.

10:30 Book Review with Harry Ricketts

Report on Experience by John Mulgan, edited by Peter Whiteford
Published by Victoria University Press

10:45 Reading.

Malcolm and Juliet by Bernard Beckett

Sex was a late-comer to the party of Malcolm's life, and when it did arrive, it wasn't dressed up in any of the usual guises (Part 11 of 15)

11:05 Political commentators Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooton

The welfare working group, and the race for Supercity mayor, which the polls tell us is neck and neck.

11:30 Guest Chef Mark Wylie, Director of Kitchens, at SKYCITY Auckland and wine commentator Stephen Morris

Lamb leg chops in Indian spices with a saffron, yoghurt, pistachio and almond crust & No Fuss Vanilla Creme Brulee

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey

Awe, Machines and Steampunk

in character: Awe and the Machine
more intelligent life: What's with the Steampunk?