09:05 Liquefaction problems

Sue Holmes, resident of Seabreeze Close in Bexley, which was built on reclaimed land which has liquefied after the Canterbury earthquake; Dr Tom Wilson, lecturer in Hazard and Disaster Management, from the department of Geological Sciences, Canterbury University; and Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch.

09:20 i-Rage: Is nothing sacred?

Funeral directors are reporting rising numbers of mourners texting during services and ministers finding couples' solemn wedding vows interrupted by novelty ring tones.

Simon Manning, Harbour City Funeral Home director; Dr Karen Brooks, social commentator; and Associate Professor of Media Studies at Southern Cross University.

09:30 Dating by the book

Matt Sherman, co-founder of the new literary dating website Alikewise, which allows members to find potential mates based on their book tastes.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

The Turkish referendum on a new constitution; France ignores a plea from the EU parliament to stop Roma expulsions; and report on sex abuse within the Catholic church in Belgium.

10:05 Howard Sounes - biographer/author

Paul McCartney's biographer, whose CV also includes books on murderers Fred and Rosemary West, and professional golf.

FAB: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney by Howard Sounes
Published by Harper Collins

10:30 Book Review with Jane Westaway

Jezebel by Irene Neminovsky
Published by Vintage UK

10:45 Reading

Denise by Lyn McConchie

A cautionary tale about the perils of jumping to conclusions.

11:05 Political commentators Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooton

The political implications of the earthquake, including the mayoral race; SIS recruitment; the foreshore and seabed; and the Rugby World Cup.

11:30 Guest chef Niki Bezzant and wine commentator Stephen Morris

Gluten free recipes:

Polenta pizza with chicken and rocket

Peanut butter and chocolate cookies

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey