09:05 John Mitchell

Emergency Management Controller for Civil Defence in Canterbury

09:15 David Neill

Red Cross National Programmes Manager

09:30 Radio New Zealand NEWS

09:35 Mark Quigley

Canterbury University geologist, involved in the scientific response to the earthquake. Yesterday he did an aerial reconnaissance of the greater Christchurch area.

09:45 David Haywood

First person account from Avonside

Nine to Noon's science commentator, whose home has been severely damaged, just had new baby.

09:50 Don Rood - Head of Radio New Zealand News

Rescue teams find signs of life in a quake-hit building in Christchurch.

09:55 Phil Heatley

The Housing Minister discusses the government's plans to help thousands of Cantabrians who are potentially in need of temporary housing.

10:05 Emily Cooper

CTV journalist. The building housing CTV in central Christchurch has collapsed and up to 15 of its staff are among those feared dead.

10:20 Very Reverend Peter Beck

10:30 Radio New Zealand NEWS

10:35 Suzanne Craig

Suzanne Craig hasn't heard from her husband Phil Coppeard since Tuesday when he was heading off on a bus to Canterbury University to attend a lecture at 2 o'clock.

10:45 Brent Edwards

Radio New Zealand political editor with the latest developments from parliament on the response to the quake.

10:55 Bridget Mills.

Radio New Zealand reporter with the latest on the water situation in Christchurch.

11:05 Fran Vertue

Psychologist with experience in trauma counselling