20 Aug 2014

Marty Duda's artist of the week is Kristin Hersh

From Nine To Noon, 11:05 am on 20 August 2014

Kristin Hersh started her musical career as the chief singer and songwriter in Throwing Muses back in the 1980s. Like The Pixies, The Muses were based in the American Northeast and the group seemed to cover similar musical territory to The Pixies; aggressive, passionate indie-rock, that would go on to influence Nirvana and others in the 90s. Kristin struck out on her own in 1994 (The Muses were still a going concern) and did well with her first solo album, Hips And Makers, thanks, in-part, to the single Your Ghost, which featured REM's Michael Stipe. Hersh has kept Throwing Muses and her solo career going, although the band split for a while due to financial difficulties. Kristin's solo albums are full of raw, deeply emotional songs and performance and her battle with bipolar disorder may have an influence. Kristin claims her songs "write themselves", becoming inner voices that haunt her. Her latest album, Crooked, was released in book form in 2010. Kristin Hersh will tour New Zealand solo at the end of August. Tracks: 1. Your Ghost - Kristin Hersh taken from 1994 album, 'Hips And Makers' (4AD) 2. Ruby - Kristin Hersh taken from 2001 album, 'Sunny Border Blue' (4AD) 3. In Shock - Kristin Hersh taken from 2007 album, 'Learn To Sing Like A Star' (4AD) 4. Glass - Kristin Hersh taken from 2010 album, 'Crooked' (Throwing Music)