10 Oct 2014

CDC says Ebola unlike anything since HIV/Aids

From Nine To Noon, 9:09 am on 10 October 2014

The United States Centers for Disease Control has said the West African Ebola outbreak is unlike anything since the emergence of HIV/Aids. The outbreak has killed more than 3,860 people, mainly in West Africa. More than 200 health workers are among the victims. In Australia, there are fears that a Queensland nurse just back from Sierra Leone has contracted Ebola. The 57-year-old returned from the country at the weekend, and developed a fever yesterday. She's now in isolation in the Cairns Hospital, and a blood sample has been flown to Brisbane for testing. The presidents of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have appealed for more aid to help fight the disease. And the CDC says a fast global response can ensure that Ebola does not become "the next Aids." Barbara Reynolds is a spokesperson for the US Centers for Disease Control.