9 Feb 2015

Traditional Scottish whiskey distillery to open in Wanaka

From Nine To Noon, 11:35 am on 9 February 2015

The process of making whiskey is a long one. Especially if you are following the traditional Scottish Speyside style, as Desiree Whitaker is.

Copper stills at the Cardrona Distillery & Museum

The first phase involves distilling the alcohol off fermented malted barley in large copper stills. These were made by fourth generation coppersmiths, Forsyth's of Rothes, Scotland. Photo: Cardrona Distillery & Museum

Every dent, and nook, the shape of the copper still influences the taste
So in Scotland they replicate any dent in the original when they replace the still with a new one. - Desiree Whitaker.

The whiskey is then aged in oak casks for 10 years, and as per tradition, those casks have previously been used for other spirits, such as sherry and bourbon.

Desiree Whitaker says that's what she loves about whiskey – it is long, slow and traditional. And not something you can fake.

While they wait for the single malt whiskey to mature, the Cardrona distillery will be making and selling its own blends of vodka, gin and German-style schnapps using local stone fruit.