11 May 2015

Australian children's writer Morris Gleitzman

From Nine To Noon, 10:10 am on 11 May 2015

Gletitzman MorrisMorris Gleitzman is the multi-award-winning Australian children's writer, author of more than 30 books, many of which have been adapted for film, television and even stage.

He's one of Australia's funniest children's authors (e.g. Give Peas a Chance), but he also tackles serious and complicated topics such as cancer, the holocaust, and war, as in his best selling series Once, Then and Now.

Morris Gleiztman says he loves writing for 8- to 14-year-olds who are “starting to see the world individually and developing their own moral landscapes”.

He talks to Kathryn Ryan about entertaining and challenging his readers, and the beginning of his career, working for the ABC as a writer on the comedy TV series The Norman Gunston show.