17 Jun 2015

Marty Duda's artist of the week: Muse

From Nine To Noon, 11:06 am on 17 June 2015

Hailing from England at the end of the 20th century, Muse immediately drew comparisons to Radiohead, thanks to the similarity between Muse vocalist/guitarist Matthew Bellamy's voice and that of Thom Yorke. But the comparisons dead away as Muse began making a name for themselves thanks to albums like 2001's "Origin Of Symmetry" and 2003's "Absolution". By the middle of the 2000's they had become a huge stadium-filling act, with a sound to match… now the comparisons are with Freddie Mercury and Queen. The band has just released an ambitious concept album titled Drones… a commentary on modern warfare. As usual there's nothing subtle about Muse… they know how to get their message across both lyrically and musically.