16 Jul 2015

Lying, a pandemic of deception - how to spot a liar

From Nine To Noon, 10:11 am on 16 July 2015

Pinocchio Tristan Schmurr CC BY
Photo: CC BY 2.0 Tristan Schmurr

Pamela MeyerLie detector Pamela Meyer is a leading deception detection expert in the US and the CEO of Calibrate, which is a deception detection training company based in Washington DC.

She claims we're facing a pandemic of deception, and says there are tools people can employ that can help take back the truth.

She talks about what gives people away - indicators of lying such as your posture, eyes, breathing rate, fidgets, and a host of other indicators. Whether white lies are okay to smooth the way, how often we are lied to, and the ability of lying to break up families and bring down organisations.