12 Nov 2015

Could investigators at last be close to discovering MH370 ?

From Nine To Noon, 9:24 am on 12 November 2015

The Australian Transportation Safety Board has begun scouring an area, many aviation experts believe could be the doomed airliner 's final resting place. It follows the publication of precise co-ordinates in a popular aviation magazine, Flightglobal, calculated by pilot and mathematician Captain Simon Hardy.

Malaysian airlines flight MH370 disappeared without a trace - carrying 239 people on board, among them - New Zealanders Paul Weeks and  Ximin Wang.

The Boeing 777 lost contact with air traffic control on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing about 40 minutes after take-off then mysteriously veered off course over the South China sea. The disappearance triggered a massive search in the Indian Ocean, first for surface debris, then a far more in-depth search involving planes, radar, mapping, and finally trawling of the seabed. 

The only trace so far is a small wing flap that washed up on Reunion Island earlier this year.

Martin Dolan, Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transportation Safety Board and head of the search spoke to Kathryn Ryan

MH370 Underwater search area

MH370 Underwater search area Photo: supplied