17 Nov 2015

What are the barriers to making New Zealand predator free?

From Nine To Noon, 9:18 am on 17 November 2015

In the long term some experts believe many native species will be driven to extinction by introduced cats, rats, stoats and possums - the only survivors would be those living in predator free sanctuaries.

In response, a grass roots movement has sprung up behind what's been described as New Zealand's version of the Apollo missions: To eradicate all introduced predators on the mainland and repopulate the country with native species.

But can it really be done and is there a risk that attempting such an ambitious project could jeopardise existing efforts to preserve species which are already on the brink?

Nine to Noon speaks to two wildlife ecologists: Dr Graeme Elliott from the Department of Conservation and John Innes from Landcare Research.