29 Mar 2016

World renowned expert on portraiture, Mette Skougaard

From Nine To Noon, 10:07 am on 29 March 2016

"A good portrait gives you this sense of presence of another person" ~ Mette Skougaard.

Mette Skougaard is in New Zealand to judge the Adam Portraiture Award.

She tells Lynn Freeman portraits are a fascinating way to connect with figures from the past:

Mette Skougaard is the director of Denmark's Museum of National History and National Portrait Gallery – which is situated in the remarkable Frederiskborg Castle – the largest renaissance castle in Scandanavia. It was built in the early 17th century as a royal residence for King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway.

The museum houses, alongside other works, the largest collection of portraits in Denmark – including paintings, busts, reliefs and portrait photography. Among the most prized portraits are those depicting Denmarks royal family over the centuries – which also reflect the family's changing role in society.