28 Jul 2016

Dr Dave Baldwin: Flying doctor

From Nine To Noon, 10:08 am on 28 July 2016

Dr Dave Baldwin is a bush pilot and back country doctor who flies around the country performing medicals on pilots at remote airstrips and farms.

Dr Dave Baldwin

Dr Dave Baldwin Photo: supplied

He's also an avid hunter and adventurer, many of those adventures with his son Marc.

In 2009 he published his first book Healthy Bastards, which put the spotlight on men's health and encouraged men to attend regular medical checkups.

But in 2012 - his beloved son and mate Marc took his own life - which has prompted Dave Baldwin to focus on more than just physical health.

He says men need to speak out about how they're feeling and seek help.

Dave's new memoir, called The Flying Doctor, has just been published.

Dr Baldwin talks to Kathryn Ryan.