27 Feb 2017

Cooking on a student budget

From Nine To Noon, 11:35 am on 27 February 2017
baked potato

Fast Baked Potato Photo: supplied

Chef Geoff Scott gives tips for students about the basics of cooking and making the food budget stretch further.

For him, taste is number one and a good dose of nutrition is absolutely crucial.

Easy Vegetable Curry

The idea of vegetable curry is not to use up all the leftovers, but the freshest vegetables you can get.

"What I love about it for students and people on a tight budget is you can work with whatever is in season."

He says instead of quinoa you can use instant bags of premixed brown rice and quinoa.

"It's super-nutritous and it's gluten-free - that's what I love about it."

Fast Baked Potato

"It's a classic. It's a really good, inexpensive meal. Baked potato is so delicous and really filling."

Sausage Pie

"This is a fun recipe which combines the classic Kiwi sausage with a little bit of that Italian frittata, quiche... but no pastry."

Geoff's seasoning staples for the budget home kitchen:

  • soy sauce
  • Worcester sauce
  • mustard (especially Dijon)
  • fish sauce