17 Apr 2014

Jeremy Taylor with new music

From Nine To Noon, 11:07 am on 17 April 2014

Artist: Liam Finn Song: Ocean Emmanuelle, Track 1 Comp: Liam Finn, Jol Mulholland, Elroy Finn Album: The Nihilist Label: Liberation Broadcast Time: 4'10" Third solo album from the older son of Neil Finn. This is a standout track, on an album that is darker, denser and in parts more frenetic than its two predecessors. Sometimes sounds a lot like his dad, especially on the single "Snug As F***". Recorded in the US, mixed with Dave Fridmann's right hand man Andrew Everding. Artist: La De Da's Song: How Is The Air Up There?, Track 1 (1966) Comp: Duboff/ Cornsfield Album: S/T Label: Real Groovy Broadcast Time: 2'37" Artist: Scavengers Song: True Love, Track 2 (1977) Comp: Scavengers Album: S/T Label: Real Groovy Broadcast Time: 2'39" The first of the selections for Record Store Day 2014, these are from two separate releases from Auckland indie giants Real Groovy, the third release being the Spelling Mistakes 1979 collection Feels So Good. Artist: The Chills Song: Satin Doll, Track 2 Comp: Martin Phillipps Album: Dunedin Double EP Label: Flying Nun Broadcast Time: 4'34" Finally re-issued, one of the earliest Flying Nun releases, from 1982, known as the Dunedin Double, it features The Chills, Verlaines, Stones and Sneaky Feelings. Flying Nun have also re-issued the Bored Games EP "Who Killed Colonel Mustard?" Artist: The Phoenix Foundation Song: Bob Lennon John Dylan, Track 1 Comp: The Phoenix Foundation Album: Tom's Lunch EP Label: Memphis Industries/ Universal Broadcast Time: 3'48" Brand new track from RSD 7" from favourite Wellington sons - mixed by Dave Fridmann.