This week One in Five gets in behind some of the newer acronyms in the disability sector. And the driving force behind Gracelands group of services calls it a day.

Disability providers unite

When it comes to disability support services, there's a lot of them around these days, providing everything from residential homes to helping people get and keep a job. But when some of the key service providers started talking about forming what they called, ' a peak body' to represent the sector, more than a few disability advocates worried it might strengthen providers at the expense of disabled people. But chief executive Sandie Waddell says that is not the reason the Disability Support Network (DSN) has been set up.

New TACTICS in behavioural support on offer

Tautoko services is an agency that works with people whose disability affects communication and understanding. Lack of government funding in this area has prompted Tautoko to set up a new service called TACTICS. I caught up with Tautoko chief executive Jan Perkins at the launch. Jan Perkins says TACTICS will plug a significant gap in services.

Tautoko services CEO Jan Perkins at the launch of TACTICS.
Tautoko services CEO Jan Perkins at the launch of TACTICS.

Calling it a day

Robyn Klos is the founding CEO of Gracelands group of services. After twenty years in the job, she's calling it a day. And with a successful two million dollar revamp of Graceland's HQ in Te Awamutu, Robyn Klos says things are a far cry from the leaking shed without any furniture she inherited two decades ago. But Robyn Klos says no problem was too big.

Robyn Klos looks on as the Governor General opens the new HQ - The Dan Bryant building.

Left: Robyn is honoured for her twenty years service as the founding chief executive of Graceland Group of Services.
Right: Robyn looks on as the Governor General officially opens the revamped Graceland's HQ - the Dan Bryant building.