15 Dec 2011

2011 science and natural history books

From Our Changing World, 9:50 pm on 15 December 2011

A number of books about natural history, science and the environment have come to our attention during 2011, and many of them have featured on our Changing World. They are featured alphabetically by author.

Wild Heart: the possibility of wilderness in Aotearoa New Zealand - ed. Mick Abbott & Richard Reeve (Otago University Press)

Kakapo: rescued from the brink of extinctionAlison Ballance (Craig Potton Publishing) – winner of the 2011 Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize

Kiwi: a natural history – Isabel Castro and Rod Morris (New Holland Publishers NZ)

Deadly Beautiful: vanishing killers of the animal kingdom - Liana Joy Christensen (Exisle Publishing)

The Recursive Mind: the origins of human language, thought, and civilizationMichael Corballis (Princeton University Press)

Native Trees of New Zealand – John Dawson and Rob Lucas (Craig Potton Publishing)

Kingdom Animalia: the escapades of Linnaeus – Janis Freegard (Auckalnd University Press)

Volcanoes of Auckland: the essential guide - Bruce W. Hayward, Graeme Murdoch & Gordon Maitland (Auckland University Press)

Ikawai: freshwater fishes in Maori culture and economy - R. M. McDowall (Canterbury University Press)

Seabird genius: the story of L.E. Richdale, the royal albatross and the yellow-eyed penguin - Neville Peat (Otago University Press)