31 Mar 2011

3D Food Printer

From Our Changing World, 9:46 pm on 31 March 2011

Matt Golding and the 3D Food PrinterMassey University in Palmerston North houses a robot which may one day be the ultimate kitchen appliance. It's a 3D food printer, and it's hoped that in the future customers will be able to use it to dial up a food with a precise taste, colour, texture, nutritional make-up and three-dimensional form. The printer 'ink' is a batter which is extruded, layer by layer, to make up the product which can then be microwaved and eaten.

The development of the robot is part of the Riddett Core Programme, and Ruth Beran goes to the lab to meet Matt Golding (pictured right with the 3D food printer), who gives her a demonstration of the prototype, and introduces her to the team: Teresa Wegrzyn who is working on the batter composition, Sandra Kim who is researching the colouration of the 'inks', and Caleb Millen and Grant Ramsay, who are developing the software and engineering aspects of the project.