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Lecturer background

Dr. Mary Quin – innovator, scientist, challenger and published author - gives this year’s Bishop Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture.

Dr. Quin provides her perspectives on creative leadership, and the power of inclusiveness and diversity to spark exciting new ideas in business innovation. The inaugural CEO of Callaghan Innovation and first New Zealand woman to graduate with an MBA from Harvard Business School has a vested interest in harnessing that distinctive know-how that makes New Zealanders unique.

Dr. Quin’s early interest in science as a young girl in Palmerston North has taken her around the world to work in the biggest names of the tech industry, including Xerox Corporation and Kodak Company. She is also the author of the bestselling book Kidnapped In Yemen about her experience surviving a terrorist kidnapping in which four other tourist were killed.

Dr. Mary Quin’s evident bravery and resolute attitude has led her into work on international women’s rights, supporting Afghan women resisting the repressive Taliban regime, and initialling the One Hundred Heroines project to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first women’s rights conventions in the USA.

She has returned to New Zealand after 30 years because she feels there is something different about the way Kiwis do things. Her mission is to accelerate that ingenuity into sustainable enterprises with Callaghan Innovation. Dr Quin believes the potential on home soil is for leveraging collaboration across business, research and development sectors to generate solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.