6 Dec 2014

Yvonne Todd : psychological photography

From Saturday Morning, 10:51 am on 6 December 2014

"I want people to be my friend, but I want to make them uncomfortable at the same time and it's this sort of ongoing tussle within myself to be appropriate and inappropriate, and I think that manifests in my work."

Goat SluiceAuckland photographer Yvonne Todd won the inaugural Walters Prize in 2002 for her final-year submission at Elam, Asthma & Eczema, and her work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, nationally and internationally. Creamy Psychology, curated by Robert Leonard, is the largest exhibition of her work to date, and includes around 150 images made since the 1990s.

She talked to Kim Hill on Saturday Morning.

Pictured: Yvonne Todd, Goat Sluice, 2006, Light jet print 1380 x 1200.

Gallery: photographs by Yvonne Todd

Creamy Psychology is showing at City Gallery Wellington (6 December 2014 to 1 March 2015), the first time the entire gallery has been devoted to just one artist.

An illustrated book, Creamy Psychology, accompanies the exhibition and features contributions from Todd, Leonard, and other curators and critics.