25 Apr 2015

Peter FitzSimons: Gallipoli

From Saturday Morning, 10:35 am on 25 April 2015

The Australian story
Australian trooper Huthwaite at the No 1 outpost, Gallipoli, Turkey. Negatives taken by Rev Ernest Northcroft Merrington, all relating to World War 1, chiefly Gallipoli. Ref: 1/2-077969-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Remote though the conflict was, so completely did it absorb the people’s energies, so completely concentrate and unify their effort, that it is possible for those who lived among the events to say that in those days Australia became fully conscious of itself as a nation. - The words of CEW Bean, author of the Official History of Australia in the War of 1914–1918

- the epigraph to Peter FitzSimons' book Gallipoli.

Journalist and historian Peter FitzSimons talks to Kim Hill about the Australian experience of the Gallipoli campaign.

Peter FitzSimons Credit Peter Morris

Peter FitzSimons is a journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald, a regular TV commentator, and former radio presenter and national representative rugby union player.

He is the author of over twenty books, and is Australia's biggest-selling non-fiction author of the last ten years.

His new book is Gallipoli (Random House, ISBN: 978-1-74166-659-5), and he will be speaking about that in a solo event on 15 May at the Auckland Writers Festival, and appearing in two group events (14 and 16 May).

Photo: Peter Morris

Gallipoli Peninsula - Here Australia became a nation.

Gallipoli Peninsula - Here Australia became a nation. Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library Ref: Ref: 1/2-160142-F