9 May 2015

Phil Manning: dinosaur discoveries

From Saturday Morning, 11:45 am on 9 May 2015

ManningPalaeontologist and writer Dr Phil Manning is Professor of Natural History at the University of Manchester and Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Ancient Life, and blogs at Dinosaur CSI.

He and his team used scanning equipment normally used on space shuttles at NASA to examine the mummified remains of a 67-million-year-old hadrosaur, “Dakota”.

PhilManning pano

Dr Phil Manning will speak about his work in a series of public talks for Museums Aotearoa and the Royal Society of New Zealand, in Christchurch (11 May), Wellington (12 May), and Napier (13 May).

He is also keynote speaker at MA15: Communicating Culture, the Museums Aotearoa conference in Dunedin (6-8 May).