22 Apr 2017

Professor Tim Fitzpatrick - Measuring the Globe

From Saturday Morning, 11:35 am on 22 April 2017

Auckland's Pop-up Globe, the world's first temporary working replica of Shakespeare's theatre, popped up for the first time in February 2016 with a twice-extended debut season that sold over 100,000 tickets. Now, it's 'popped up' again for a season that will run until May 14th. The dimensions of the theatre, which reproduce the audience structure of a Jacobean playhouse exactly, were based on groundbreaking research by Sydney University Professor Tim Fitzpatrick and his collaborator Russell Emerson. The pair studied archeological data and contemporary sources describing the second Globe Theatre, which was built in 1614 as a conjectural reconstruction of the first Globe Theatre (London, 1599 - 1613). Their research informed the current Pop-up Globe, which matches the dimensions put forward by Professor Fitzpatrick to within six inches.