2 Sep 2017

Rob Wilkins - Steamrolling Sir Terry Pratchett

From Saturday Morning, 9:35 am on 2 September 2017
terry pratchett

terry pratchett Photo: AFP

Rob Wilkins was British author Sir Terry Pratchett's assistant, business manager, and friend. When Sir Terry died in 2015 after a battle with Alzheimer's disease, he left instructions for his unfinished books to be destroyed - and not just destroyed, but 'steamrolled', to retain what he called the 'magic' of his work. A faithful observation of his wishes happened, when his hard drive was destroyed by a vintage steamroller named Lord Jericho at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. The crushed hard drive will be displayed at England's Salisbury Museum in September, as part of the exhibition, Terry Pratchett: His World. Sir Terry was thought to have left as many as 10 unfinished novels in some form after his death at age 66.