9 Mar 2017

Songcrush: Julie Byrne - Natural Blue

From Songcrush

Julie Byrne 'Natural Blue' 

Imagine floating just beneath your favourite river, ocean or swimming hole looking up at the sky through the clear, undulating waters. If you could hold your breath for four minutes and not have your ears full of water, Julie Byrne’s ‘Natural Blue’ would be a very appropriate soundtrack for a little moment of communing with nature. This serene, spacious and deliciously solitary song is off her latest album Not Even Happiness. The gentle finger-picking guitar (which Byrne learnt from her guitarist father)  builds up with appropriately sensitive strings. This is exactly what you’d imagine a musician and part nature ranger to softly whisper into your ears. File under: Sharon Van Etten, Aldous Harding, Cat Power et. al.
Yadana Saw