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Sounds Historical for Sunday 7 December 2008

8:08 Intro

8:10 Today in New Zealand History

December 7 - 1911 the first Prohibition Bill.

8:16 A Gal in Calico (Schwartz)

Fraser Daly

8:20 Bookshelf:

The Olympian Soldier - G C Cooke By Kath Beatson

8:26 As I Remember

Les Munro of Tauranga remembers his air force days and being a pilot on the Dambusters raid of World War Two.

9:00 News

9:06 The Week That Was

Friday - Lick Day by Judith Tait, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

9:12 If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake (Hoffmann)

Georgia Gibbs
Sepia 1016

9:15 Bookshelf:

The Painted Garden in New Zealand Art by Christopher Johnstone

9:16 The History of Building in New Zealand by Nigel Isaacs

Part 5 - Cementing History.
Tar and Cement (Celentario)
Allison Durbin
EMI 471 001

9:26 As I Remember

Ballet Memories by Lenore Truscott, read by Katrina Batten.

9:30 The Neptune Story

A documentary telling of the sinking of HMS Neptune in the Mediterranean in December 1941 with the loss of 151 New Zealand sailors.

9:58 Outro