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Sounds Historical Sunday 12 April 2009

09:08 Today in New Zealand History

The Telegraph connects Auckland and Wellington 12 April 1872

09:15 Our Old McKenzie Homestead (Bailey)

The Bluegrass Expedition LP PYE PZL 2006

09:21 From the Back Country

Allan Smith recalls bus driving in Central Otago in the 1950s.

09:33 Karu Karu (Bennett)

Howard Morrison
CD BMG 74321 329542

09:37 That's Life by Douglas Coop

Part Two read by Richard Scott.

09:44 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Raye)

New Zealand Army Band
LP Music World MALPS 575

09:46 Bomb Disposal

Report on the work of New Zealand bomb disposal experts in the Middle East during World War Two.

09:48 Hartley Gabolinsky

RNZ CD 9091

10pm News and weather

10:08 As I Remember

The Farmers store in Rangiora by Helen Hirst of Rangiora, read by Prue Langbein.

10:15 Ave Maria

The Wellington Choral Society
45 Kiwi M31-9

10:19 Homework


10:25 Wheel of Fortune (Benjamin)

David Curtis
CD EMI 5329532

10:27 Extract from 1960s quiz show Your Magic Carpet

Final episode from Christchurch

10:37 On Zealand's Hills by Janet Holm

Steele Roberts
ISBN 978 1 877448 25 6

10:58 Little Hearts Little Flowers

Hartley Gabolinsky