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8:09 Today In New Zealand History, 1863

The wrecking of HMS Orpheus.

8:18 Lex McDonald - boy soprano of the 1930s

8:28 The Cuckoo (Rands)

Lex MacDonald 78 Regal G 21482
Gil Dech (Piano) recorded in Sydney

8:30 A 1960s visit to the Auckland Islands Narrated by John Kendrick

Part 1

8:45 Hine E Hine (Te Rangi Pai)

Te Mauri Meihana (Mollie Mason)
78 Columbia DO 62

8:49 Radio Announcer Ian Dickson, who died recently, talks here in 1974 to Pearl Calvert whose father established the first 4YA in the 1920s

9:06 As I Remember

Orewa Camping Holidays by Judith Wilcox, read by Alison Lloyd Davies

9:14 Little Tui (Blackmore)

Mahia Blackmore (1986) 45 Ode 744

9:19 Southern Comedy Players remembered by Anna Soutar, read by Sonia Yee

Part 4.

9:22 Blackball Hilton (Leslie)

Steve Leslie CD

9:30 Obituary: Bob Irvine radio announcer and rugby commentator

9:43 Malaguena - John Robertson (trumpet)

45 RCA 20316

9:46 A New Zealander in Spain in the 1960s

Rosanna Dedman of Rotorua recalls her days in Spain.