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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

New Zealand's efforts at the Mareth Line in Tunisia in March 1943 during World War II.

8:18 The Wedding (Priete)

Keri Summers LP Joe Brown JBLS 524 Tk 4

8:21 Jungle Green

A documentary about the SAS in Malaya in 1957. Part Two

8:40 Shearings Coming Round (McKee Wright/Jessett)

Phil Garland CD Kiwi SLC 261

8:43 The Second Test

The story of the most poignant moment in New Zealand's cricket history. Bert Sutcliffe and Bob Blair talk to Jim Sullivan about the second test against South Africa in 1953.

9:06 As I Remember

Shadow Plays by Lorna Chin, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

9:09 As I Remember

The Ford, the Fire and the Murder by Paul Charman of Tauranga.

9:16 Charlie Was a Good Man (Luther)

Jennifer Hosten LP Joe Brown JBLS 524

9:21 Homework

9:23 Tipperary Medley

Kokatahi Band CD Kiwi SLC 274 Tk 12

9:32 Book of the Week

Invisible Sight - the mixed descent families of southern New Zealand by Angela Wanhalla
Bridget Williams Books
ISBN 978 1 877242 43 4

9:51 E Hine E (Hill)

Kirimamae (Phyllis Williams) and Alex Lindgay String Orch
Kiwi 45 EC 20

9:54 As I Remember Archive

First Time in the Snow - 1944 by Margaret Clarke, ready by Maureen Garing

First broadcast in 2002