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8:09 Today in New Zealand History, D Day - 1944

8:16 Te Awamutu Ladies Choir recorded in the late 1940s

8:19 Headlines of 1978

Read by Maureen Garing

8:20 Hit Song of 1978

Boney M By the Rivers of Babylon (Farian)

8:25 Dame Elizabeth Gilmer, daughter of Richard John Seddon, gives an account of her later years in Wellington (Part Two)

8:39 Music Track Waihirere Maori Club Hine E Hine (Hill)

8:44 Dame Pat Evison

Dame Pat Evison who died this week, gave a 1993 interview talks about the first New Zealand drama produced for television called, All Earth to Love. She talks about the acting styles required for radio, theatre and television and argues that there is no difference in the style. She also talks about Pukemanu, an early television serial and compares it to Shortland Street.

8:58 Music Track Radio New Zealand Orchestra Without Your Love (Nicholls)

9:06 As I Remember

June 1942 Wairarapa Earthquake by Judith Curry of Upper Hutt

9:11 Historic Music Track

Introduced by Ross Grimmett, The Gunners Burnham Blues78

9:17 New Zealand in the 1970s ( Episode 8)

9:28 Homework

9:31 The Days of the Monde Marie

Mary Seddon, granddaughter of Premier Richard John Seddon, recalls her early years in Wellington and the coffee bar she opened in the late fifties at the beginning of the "folk" era. Produced by Jerome Cvitanovich for Spectrum and first broadcast on 25 October 1992.

9:58 Music Track Radio New Zealand Orchestra Suddenly (arr Southgate)