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8:07 Today in New Zealand History

Edward Gibbon Wakefield's efforts to establish a colony in New Zealand during 1838.

8:12 When Britain Really Ruled the Waves (Gilbert)

Denis Dowling CD Kiwi CD SLD 82

8:17 Brain teaser- a 1940s radio feature.

8:22 Dok Palme Njisu Grane (Trad)

Diana and the Yugo Quartet Pye FEP 100

8:27 Recollection of broadcasting by Graeme Thomson recorded in 2003

8:35 Something Wonderful (Gershwin)

Jack Roberts (piano) Columbia SEGM 6007

8:38 Bookshelf.

Franki ISBN 978 1877 449758
Random Writings ISBN 978 1877 5470 34
By Franki Wood

Grandfather's Diary
Max Hodgson (Private)

Pushing His Luck - report of the expedition and death of Henry Whitcombe by Jacob Lauper, translated by Hilary Low.
Canterbury University Press ISBN 978 1877 257889

8:43 Radio Digest extract, September 1949.

Miss New Zealand Mary Woodward and aerial topdressing at Johnsonville.

8:55 As I Remember Archive

My First Flight by Ian Granger, read by David Knowles.

8:59 Without Your Love (Nicholls)

Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra LP Tartar TRL 019

9:07 As I Remember

Memoirs written and read by Neville Martin.

9:14 Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee (Murphy)

Jean McPherson CD BMG 39283

9:15 New Zealand in the 1970s - Part Ten

"But life begins at 80" predictions and hopes for the forthcoming decade, the 1980s from a number of famous New Zealanders and commentators.

9:26 Headlines of 1972 read by Kim Hill

American Pie (McLean)

Don McLean EMI 746555

9:31 Homework

9:32 The Shifting Whispering Sands(Gilbert)

The Stardusters

9:35 Book of the Week

Home - Civilian New Zealanders Remember the Second World War
Alison Parr
Penguin ISBN 978 014 320384 1

With memories from Ross Cooper, kept home for essential work, Joyce Harrison and the "American invasion" and Marjorie Brown and pacifism.

9:59 Cornet Chop Suey

National Dixie RNZ CD 9068