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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

The Great Strike of 1913.

8:17 Anniversary - 17 October 1978

Election of Pope and description by New Zealand priest in Rome.

8:19 Moments to Remember (Stillman/Allan) CD Columbia

The Four Lads

8:26 A 20 September 1951 visit to the Pahiatua Settlers' Camp

Interviews with Mr & Mrs D. Wilson, the Commandant of the Pahiatua settlers camp, which was originally broadcast on the ZB stations Women's Hour programme.

Mr Wilson came to the camp under the direction of the Department of Labour. His brief was to receive, care and educate the new settlers who were immigrating from Europe to New Zealand. The settlers were under Mr Wilson's complete care and custody. Mrs Wilson was responsible for the happiness and security of the immigrants. She had to prepare New Zealanders to receive the settlers with sympathy, kindness and strict impartial justice.

8:33 Joan Sutherland & Richard Bonynge

Australian opera singer, Joan Sutherland an d her husband, Richard Bonynge talk about opera and their two homes. They have a son together. They don't listen to music at home but would rather play cards, work in the garden and on their collections. Recorded in 1976.

The Bell Song, performed by New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge
Recorded 22 May 1976

8:47 As I Remember

The Tsunami of 1960, written and read by David Cropp of Wellington.

8:50 Obituary - Lex MacDonald

Boy soprano of the 1930s, who died this week in Dunedin at the age of 93. He recalls recording in 1932.

9:07 As I Remember

The Taieri Gorge Railway Experience by Judith Wilcox, read by Liz Barry.

9:16 Anniversary - 3 October 1918

First news of the Spanish flu. A nurse recalls working in an Auckland hospital.

9:18 Narcissus - the laughing song

Joyce Grenfell and Norman Wisdom

9:22 Recollections of soldiers who served in Vietnam

9:33 A Dreamer's Holiday (Ganlon/Wayne)

John Hoskins CD BMG 74321 392832

9:37 Book of the Week

The Great Wrong War - New Zealand Society in WWI by Stevan Eldred-Grigg
Random House
ISBN 978 1 86979 263 3