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8:11 As I Remember Archive

Memories of a Volunteer by June Bennett, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

8:16 Homework

An area near Ashburton once boasted a brickworks with a very tall chimney which actually was the reason for the name given to the settlement – what was that name?

8:17 The Maori Battalion

Recorded during the Second World war. Major Wi Reedy sends greetings to Ngati Porou. The tribal song  Ngati Porou e follows the C Company perform a haka led by Major Reedy.

8:24 Monty Soutar

Author of an acclaimed history one of the companies of the Maori Battalion, talks about the project to locate 3,600 photographs so that every man who served in the Battalion will be represented.

Sounds like a big job

8:40 Maori Battalion

March by members of Maori Battalioin.

8:44 Spike Milligan

Spike visits Midday Report in the 1970s.

9:05 As I Remember

Raising the Bar by Jack Patterson of Port Chalmers, read by Phil Smith.

9:12 They’re Changing  Guard at Buckingham Palace (Fraser-Simpson)

Bill Williams (baritone), Maurice Till (piano)

9:15 Pianist Maurice Till

Maurice Till died at the age of 84  in March this  year. In a 1979 interview Peter Drake talks to him about his musical life.

9:32 The A and P Show (Goodwin)

Ron Goodwin and the NZSO    CD EMI 434 649

9:41 Book of the Week

Agricultural Heritage  - Auckland Agricultural and Pastoral Association Inc. 1843-2010  by Hugh Stringleman. Published by Auckland Agricultural and Pastoral Association Inc. ISBN 978 1877 514173

9:54 Click Go the Shears (Stafford)

John Hore LP Joe Brown