21 Dec 2014

A 1946 visit to the Musick Point Radio Station

From Sounds Historical, 9:30 pm on 21 December 2014

Musick Point Radio Station
Left: Supervisor L G Skull at work at Musick Point Radio Station  in 1946 at the time he took Dudley Wrathall of 1ZB on a guided tour. Right: Operator R D Goodman. Images courtesy of Musick Point Radio Group Inc.

Named in 1942 after Ed Musick, a famous aviator who visited New Zealand in 1937, Musick Point is the headland of the peninsula that forms the eastern shore of the Tamaki River in Bucklands Beach in Auckland. Also known as Te Waiarohia, the headland was once a Māori stronghold. Today it is occupied by a golf club and the Musick Memorial Radio Station.  

Broadcaster Dudley Wrathall of 1ZB recorded a visit to Musick Point Radio Station in 1946, including emergency calls, marine, aircraft and meteorological communications, and other sounds of the busy radio service centre.