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Steven Muir is a man who truly lives by his principals, many of which revolve around the good use of a bicycle. A Christchurch inner-city dweller, with a busy wife and four young children, Steven ardently believes that the planet will be a better place when the supermarket carparks are filled with bicycles and trailers, and only the occasional car, for those who really need them.

To encourage the concept of cycling as a way of life, he holds regular bike trailer making workshops, and has twice run a Supermarket Challenge, which pitches car against bicycle and trailer, each transporting two children and a week's load of groceries.

A practicing Christian who regularly attends the Ilam Baptist Church, Steven feels his true connection to God is better experienced in the great outdoors. As a result, in 2003 he started the Cycling Church and went on to write the book of PROSACC or ''Profound Revelations of Sunday Afternoon Cycling Church" which rides mercilessly over various sacred cows with a combination of satire, wit and cheeky drawings. It was soon after this that he took on the status of Bicycle Pope, reaching out for further followers on the World Wide Web.

On a cycling tour from Mount Cook he devised a series of celebratory songs for cyclists, set to popular tunes, and these, along with the appropriate guitar chords, are available on his website;