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Dog trainer Jo Goddard offers a variety of services which allow dogs and their owners to enjoy each other in a safe environment. Spectrum’s Jack Perkins drops in on a Saturday morning training session at Canine Solutions in Seaview near Wellington.

Jo Goddard and friends

Jo Goddard with Ziggy, Jessie and Tess.

Be it Puppy Preschool or obedience classes, dog minding or advice on diet and exercise, Jo and her staff can meet the challenge. Gone are the days when dogs could roam freely but regulations and restrictions make demands on both dogs and their owners. But for all breeds and all ages courses provide a fun way to learn commands and good manners on and off the lead.


Owner Isla Harling with Sammy and Reggae.

Sammy is a pit bull cross who was rescued by the SPCA. He has a history of bad treatment which makes him see other dogs and humans as a threat. He’s now accepted the muzzle but changing his behavior is a long, slow process involving many sessions in the safe environment of Canine Solutions.


Visitor Brenda Brooks attracts attention.