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Spectrum’s Katy Gosset is sailing high, aboard the tall ship, the Lord Nelson. The vessel is operated by England's Jubilee Sailing Trust which has taken more than 14 000 people with disabilities to sea since 1978.

Tall Ships

But those seeking deck chairs and pina coladas need not apply - this is a working tall ship where the crew do actually steer by compass and haul on main sails. And for crew members who are living with a disability it can be a challenging yet empowering journey.

Tall Ships

Crew at bracing stations.

Katy Gosset initially hopped aboard to record for Radio New Zealand's disability issues programme, One in Five. But, as part of the crew, she also joined the watch, climbed the rigging, shared a bunkroom and found preserved ginger to be a fine remedy for seasickness

Tall Ships

Crew members Andy Woodside and Pip Williams at the helm.

For Spectrum, Katy Gosset shares a personal account of the ups and downs of life at sea.