26 Jun 2016

David Drops the Mic

From Spectrum, 12:15 pm on 26 June 2016

Spectrum producer David Steemson has worked at RNZ since "before the coming of mankind". But in July 2016 he's hanging up his headphones and retiring, at about the same time Spectrum itself comes to an end.

An image of David Steemson interviewing a young woman.

David Steemson doing what he does best - being out in the field, interviewing New Zealanders. Photo: RNZ

A portrait of Spectrum producer David Steemson.

A look back at some of the more recent of the many memorable stories David has made:

David Steemson begging in Auckland

David Steemson undercover as a beggar in Auckland Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Ngā taonga Sound and Vision

This story uses audio from Nga Taonga Sound and Vision.